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You will find us here:

Prešovská 45, 821 02 Bratislava 2
Tel.: +421 2/44 64 00 08


Distribujeme textil všetkých štandardne známych značiek ako aj celosvetovo etablovaných výrobcov.
Časť základného sortimentu máme skladom, preto dokážeme reagovať promptne ako málokto a keďže s mnohými výrobcami spolupracujeme priamo, dodacie lehoty máme minimálne.
V ponuke máme výber od klasického reklamného textilu cez bio (organický), fair trade až sweatshop-ree textil.


We distribute classic promotional apparel from all well-known major brands and world established manufacturers including organic and sweatshop-free textile.


Commonly used promo-textile brands catalogue you can flip through right HERE








German brand Urban Classics is number one of "street" fashion apparel with their wide range of all different kinds of clothing. Besides of basic types of textile such as t-shirts, hoodies or tank tops they offer many different types of sweatpants, baseball or winter jackets, vests, pants, shorts, overalls and lot of other great items for male, female and kids.


You can find the new fall/winter 2017 catalog right HERE


For "resale" prices (in bigger amounts with or without printing) please get in touch with us:




Gildan offers wide range of female, male and kids textile. Basic range of styles and colors we stock. Everything else we can supply in a very short time.


Gildan 2017 catalog is available HERE.

Gildan is sweatshop free! That means workers are not exploited: maximum amount of working hours is respected, while maintaining good working conditions and fair evaluation. Child labor is eliminated!





Flexfit, (the US subsidiary of Yupoong INC.) is one of the world's largest vendors of custom, private label headwear. Nearly two decades ago, they engineered the original Flexfit hat. It was a watershed moment.


Their classical and new products from fall/winter 2017 catalog available HERE.


For "resale" prices (in bigger amounts with or without embroidery) please get in touch with us:




We distribute organic and sweatshop-free textiles by worldwide established manufacturers.





stanley stella


Stanley & Stella produces highly certified products (GOTS, OE 100, OE Blended, OEKO TEX, REACH) made of organic cotton.


They are pioneers in the market in production of fashionable premium apparel, intended for direct printing and embroidery. They are focused on modern cuts, colors and details. Their product range is updated every year with adding more types and colors responding to worldwide fashion trends.


All important materials (catalog, prices, color swatch…) is available through Stanley & Stella section of our website HERE.



Continental Clothong focuses on creating high quality, expertly styled and responsibly manufactured garments for markets such as fashion retail, music merchandise, corporate promotions and leisure.

The Company owns three unique award-winning brands – Continental®, EarthPositive® and Salvage® – that are among the most up-to-date blank garment brands in the world.

You can find all of them right HERE

Offering a wide range of types of women's, men's and children's clothing.
The number of colors and color combinations, good kvaitu a low priceOffering a wide range of types of women's, men's and children's clothing. The number of colors and color combinations, good kvaitu a low price.