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You will find us here:

Prešovská 45, 821 02 Bratislava 2
Tel.: +421 2/44 64 00 08

About us


Welcome! We are glad to see that you’ve found a reason to visit our web.


So who are we, what do we do and how do we operate?


As a company dealing with textile printing and distribution, Merchyou has been operating since 2008. However, as individuals we have been active in the industry for over 10 years. All those years have taught us that it is far from being only about printing a design on a t-shirt. We follow the trends in both Europe and overseas and we are well aware of where these trends are heading. Our team has a very wide range of focus – from purely business-driven projects to cooperation with various subculture groups. Each category of customers requires different approach and a customised solution. Therefore, we not only advise the customer when selecting the most convenient brand of apparel but also assist them with overall solution of the artwork design as well as printing type and colours so that the final products corresponds to its intended purpose.

We do care where the textile we use comes from, what conditions are applied in the process of its production and what is the overall impact on the planet. Therefore, we also offer an alternative of organic, sweatshop-free and fair trade textile.


Music is us


And that’s why bands or festival organisers account for a substantial portion of our customers. Our interest in our products does not cease with the moment of sale. We do care about the destiny of the products we printed – how they sell, how they fulfil their intended purpose and how much they can actually take.


Merchyou online


We regularly share the selection of our latest orders with you on our facebook profile. It can serve as an inspiration when putting together your design, choosing your colours, size or positioning of your printing design on the given piece of apparel. With a bit of luck, you will get engaged in one of our contests; the only thing you typically need to do is to ‘like’ us and you may easily win some nice stuff from us.

We are proud to say we have successfully cooperated with a number of clients, received many a positive feedback and perhaps helped people wear nice-looking and interesting clothing. You may take a look at some of our products in our online gallery right here.



We are stocked with essential types of apparel in our premises and provide full printing services. And because we never really liked going home for the night, we are able to cut down the delivery deadlines to the minimum.


So why don’t we actually do something else?


Screen printing is a creative work and Merchyou is a creative team. The job requires certain artistic skills and a personality and it is all fun. So what else would we do?