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Screen printing

Why do we do screen printing?


Screen printing is known for its high quality, quickness and precise printing to the finest details. It delivers outstanding quality of colours and is simultaneously the most durable among all the printing techniques. In larger quantities (actually starting with only 25 pieces) screen printing is certainly the cheapest method of textile treatment.


We therefore recommend screen printing in case you seek for printing of a larger number of pieces of apparel as it requires relatively demanding preparation that has to be reflected in the total production costs.


In fact, costs are incurred before the actual printing job takes place because every single colour requires its own stencil (the so called screen). Individual colour layers need to be separated from the graphic master – in a photochemical process, individual printing stencil is prepared for each colour. The actual printing is carried out by applying the screen onto the printed area and by squeezing the colour trough tiny holes in the mesh.


Final price depends on the size of the design, number of ordered pieces and the number of colours applied. This technology enables application of an extensive range of colours and shades including golden or silver as well as colours with various effects.


Screen printing can be used to print on sweatshirts, polo-shirts, t-shirts, tank tops, shorts etc. Even printing of multi-coloured designs on dark material is absolutely problem-free. Actually, thinking about it, we don’t see any problems with screen printing at all.