Woven socks

Create your own designer socks

Socks with woven design

We offer you the opportunity to create your own socks with a woven design according to your ideas! Let your imagination run wild and play with your dream sock design.

•    Local manufacturing - All products are made in Slovakia
•    Low minimum quantity - You don't have to order in thousands or even hundreds. We produce as few as 50 pairs per design.
•    Custom packaging - Starting from 50 pairs in custom packaging


There are three models to choose from in our range:
•    Classic patterned socks
•    Ribbed Sneakers socks, which are also suitable for sports
•    Low socks for everyday wear on summer days

Material and quality

The socks are very comfortable thanks to their smooth surface. The quality manufacturing with reinforcement on the heel and toe brings long-lasting durability.
The classic high model and low ankle socks are made of 90% cotton, 8% polyamide and 2% elastane. The material composition of the sports ribbed socks is 80% cotton, 14% polyamide and 6% elastane. The effective combination of materials offers maximum comfort in the form of ideal breathability, elasticity and durability.   . 

Sizes and colours

The most common sizes offered are 35-38 (S), 39-42 (M), 43-46 (L), possibly also XL (47-50) and XS (31-34).  

The maximum number of colours is 18 (however, the specific number may be limited by the composition of your design). 

The minimum number for ordering socks with custom design is 50 pairs.  
If the design of the right and left sock is different, the minimum number is 100 pairs. 

The design can also be applied to the cover itself. You can choose from several types of covers. 

You can download the design documents HERE.

Data for production should be in vector format (*.ai, *.eps, *.pdf, bitmap files are also possible). The data should not contain any gradients or colour gradients, only solid colours.