Tips for festival merchandise

The summer festival season is just around the corner. Merch inherently belongs to these popular events. Whether you're the organiser of a large festival or a smaller local event, the right merch can make a big difference to the success of your event.

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We have a new website assistant!

Fast and efficient access to information is a key aspect of our website. In order to provide you with an even better experience, we have introduced a new feature - a chatbot ready to answer your questions.  

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Partners' talk - KOLO

The so-called KOLO is a place that can give items a second chance at life. The so-called MERCHYOU deadstock textiles are textiles that have been in our warehouse for a long time, they are new and undamaged, but do not have their owner. Why did our textiles end up in KOLO for a one day special event?

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New collection from Stanley/Stella!

Introducing the new sustainable Spring/Summer 2024 collection from Stanley/Stella! Discover modernized favourites and brand new lightweight styles and get ready for the upcoming season!

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