Final touch

Textile customisation possibilities

Final touch and textile customisation options

In addition to the various printing technologies, we also offer textile customization. The final touch is particularly appreciated by the fashion brands.
According to the european law, all textile and clothing items are required to indicate the origin and the composition information as well as the care instructions on the textile. All the textiles we offer have this information on their labels.
However, if you order textile printing for your own fashion brand, having the textile manufacturer's logo on the garment may not be desirable. That's why we offer the option of replacing the original labels with yours.
Choose from the printed, woven or satin labels of various colours and shapes, add a custom hang tag and distinguish your brand at a first glance!
Additional services such as single piece packaging or application of your unique EAN code will make storage and distribution to your customers easier.

Inner neck label

Printed label is a great and simple label option. We recommed one coloured print - light grey colour that is visible on both white and coloured textile.

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Woven and satin labels

If you really want to differentiate your brand, we recommend using a woven or printed satin label.

Printed satin labels:
•    one-sided or two-sided printing
•    white or black background
•    up to 8 colours
•    big or small
Woven labels:
•    cut, folded or with curved edges
•    single colour or multi colour
•    big or small

Tailor's tip:
•    The placement of the label behind the neck is an all-time favourite. Although the label could also look great on the sleeve edge or at the bottom of the t-shirt.

Custom hang tag

Hang tags are like business cards you cannot give yourself. They are finishing touches to your brand and carry a message you want to deliver to your customer. You can place some information about your product or your brand story on them. Hang tags are also suitable for retail outlets as they provide a space for a price tag and a barcode. There are no shape or size boundaries!

Single piece packaging

Single piece packaging is an invaluable tool for storing and shipping textiles. We pack into sustainable, 100% degradable wrappings that are made of polyethylene enriched for faster natural breakdown. Wrapping bags are recyclable. For ease of orientation, we apply a sticker with a garment size on each piece.

We also offer an EAN code application that will make storage and distribution to your customers easier. We place an EAN sticker on a single packaged textile only.