Career at MERCHYOU

Why with us?

We have been distributing textile and printing on textile products for more than ten years. The passion for music has led us to the production of t-shirts for bands and music festivals - merch. Back in the day, no one was able to produce what we needed, so we decided to do it ourselves.
Today, we print not only for bands, but also for fashion brands, companies, sports teams, bloggers and advertising agencies among others.

Our production is sustainable and environmentally friendly. We only use eco-friendly inks and products that do not harm the environment and our employees. 

Find our more about how we work and think

Textile printing is a creative work. We at MERCHYOU love what we do and cannot imagine doing anything else! 

Do you want to join us?

Unfortunately, we are not looking for English speaking colleagues at the moment.

No English speaking jobs available at the moment?

Do not despair!

If you are interested in job with MERCHYOU, we are very pleased and would love to hear from you!

Please send us your CV to and we will contact you if we open a suitable position for you!