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What we do

We offer printing and embroidery on all kinds of textiles. T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, bags, caps, hats... You name it! We also distribute plain textiles without printing. We are GOTS, V-Label and FAMA certified. We customize, we create, we improve. When producing the merchandise, we work in an environmentally friendly way with a fair approach to our customers as well as our employees. For more than ten years, we make merch sustainably and with passion.



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GOTS certification

We are excited to offer you the GOTS certified print as the first Slovak textile printer. 

Obtaining a GOTS certificate is a result of our long-term commitment to sustainable production. Together with GOTS certified textile you get a completely certified GOTS product.

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Services offered

Choose from a variety of textile branding options


We have a new website assistant!

We have a new website assistant!

Fast and efficient access to information is a key aspect of our website. In order to provide you with an even better experience, we have introduced a new feature - a chatbot ready to answer your questions.  

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Partners' talk - KOLO

Partners' talk - KOLO

The so-called KOLO is a place that can give items a second chance at life. The so-called MERCHYOU deadstock textiles are textiles that have been in our warehouse for a long time, they are new and undamaged, but do not have their owner. Why did our textiles end up in KOLO for a one day special event?

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Are you planning to launch a fashion brand? Do you need to print some tees for your sports team? Maybe our recommendations for creating designs, choice of colours, print size or print placement can help you out! 

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