Textile screen printing

Screen printing possibilities

Textile screen printing

The technology of screen printing is characterized by high quality and swiftness. It is also very precise and able to print even tiniest details. It exceeds in colour consistency and its durability is the best among all other printing techniques.
We recommend screen printing in case of printing a higher volume of textile. It demands quite lengthy process of preparation, which is mirrored in overall production costs. When printing a higher volume (50 pieces and more), it is the most cost effective method of textile printing. 

Technological specifics:
•    Single layers of colour are separated from the original artwork which are consequently made into screens
•    If the motive consists of a high variety of colours, gradients (very fine colour transitions) or very fine details and screen printing is not an option, we recommend using digital printing.

Screen printing alternatives

Common types of screen printing

We use only eco-friendly inks which do not contain heavy metals or phtalates.
Ecological plastisol with our without base layer, GOTS certified inks on water basis, but also transfer printing or decolouring (discharge) are very popular and common types of screen printing.

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Special effects

Sometimes basic screen printing is not enough. The mark of originality or luxury is achieved by using a well chosen special effect. Glitter printing, metallic inks, PUFF effect, blackboard effect, imitation of suede or plush, reflective effect, three-dimensional effect of 3D printing, HD clear, UV printing, phosphor effect or metallic foil will bring your textile to life. 

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All over screen printing

We are the only ones in Slovakia and Czech republic to offer our customers printing in a non-standard huge size – all over print on cotton textile by technology of screen printing. This technology has a great look, but it also has its specifics, which we recommend taking into consideration even while creating the design itself.   

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Waterreactive print

This kind of printing reacts to liquids. It is not visible when the textile is dry, the print appears only when the textile is wet (it can be water, sweat or any other liquid).

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Inner neck label

Printed label can contain your logo, a claim, a website address, or any other information about the product (size, washing symbols, country of origin etc.)
We primarily print in light grey colour on both white and coloured textile, but we can print in any other colour based on your demand. Besides neck label print, we also offer different types of textile customisation.

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MOQ of 50 pcs per design. Some printing effects or techniques may require higher volumes. 

By "design" we mean all the printings on one piece of the garment (e.g. if the t-shirt has a heart print, a back print and a sleeve print, it is necessary to order the MOQ with this particular specification).

Maximum print size is 40 x 53 cm.

Maximum all over print size is 80 x 100 cm.

Please read how to prepare your design for printing.