Sublimation printing

Sublimation printing possibilities

Sublimation textile printing

Sublimation printing is a printing technology which uses heat to transfer dye onto fabric. Sublimation ink actually becomes a part of the fabric we are printing on. As a result, printing does not fade or crack over time even after multiple times of washing. Sublimation printing is available on polyester fabrics.

Printer's tip: 
•    Sublimation is best on white coloured 100% polyester fabrics so your image is transferred properly. We recommend discussing different garments use with us.

All over print

Sublimation is ideal for all over printing of detailed and colourful designs, e.g. photos. The technology is only suitable for 100% polyester fabrics and has its limits. If you are interested in all over screen printing on cotton t-shirts, we recommend screen printing all over print.
Maximum print size is 90 x 130 cm, which is sufficient for all over printed t-shirts.

Technology specifics:
•    Printing imperfections have to be expected around the seams, edges, collar and under the armpits due to the creases in these garment areas, which is not always possible to eliminate during the printing.
•    Double-sided print looks awesome! Although we cannot guarantee a front artwork precisely connecting to the back art as each side of the shirt is printed separately. We do our best but a little imperfection needs to be expected.

Socks printing and more

Branding socks using sublimation printing is a great alternative to knitted socks. The advantage of this technology is the ability to print detailed multi-coloured designs and objects that can not be printed on using screen printing or digital printing - e.g. pillows. flip-flops, bath towels, wallets, sleeping masks, kitchen gloves or mouse mats.

Technology specifics - socks printing: 
•    The design is applied to the outer surface of the white sock. Once stretched the sock shows some grin-through and the white colour is a little bit visible.

MOQ of 30 pcs, it is possible to print different designs within the minimum ordered quantity.

Maximum print size is 40 x 50 cm.

Maximum all over print size is 90 x 130 cm, which is sufficient for all over printed t-shirts.