All over print

All over screen printing on cotton garments

Maximum print colours quantity and design size

We use water based printing inks, aquaplast, for light coloured garments and discharge inks for dark ones. A suitable number of colours printed is two, maximum three per design.
When using three colours, problems may occur during the flash drying. When more ink colours are used, there has to be a certain space left between these colours.
It is impossible to affix the garment to the machine and the garment may move slightly. It could affect the margins between colours and design may look blurry when printed. It is advisable to take it into account when you create the design.
Maximum print size is 100 x 80 cm, which is sufficient for all over printed t-shirts.

One graphic size to cover all sizes of garments

Design dimensions will remain the same for all garment sizes. Less screens will be required for the production which will help to avoid the high cost of printing.
Design will not look the same on an S t-shirt and on a 2XL t-shirt. It will seem bigger on
the S t-shirt because visible cutout on the S will be smaller than on the 2XL.

Technology specifics

As this printing method may cause little imperfections, we recommend creating design that “works” with the method. Plain straight lines and large areas of colour are not very suitable as little imperfections could be more obvious.

Side view will show the colour contrast and difference between the printed side and bare garment colour on the non-printed side will be visible. It is therefore advisable to think of the garment colour you wish to order for your design. There is a wide variety of garment colours available, we are not limited to white garments.

Double-sided print looks awesome! Although we cannot guarantee a front artwork precisely connecting to the back art as each side of the shirt prints separately. We do our best but a little imperfection needs to be expected.

Printing imperfections have to be expected around the seams, edges, collar and under the armpits due to the creases in these garment areas.

It is difficult to affix a soft garment to the machine due to the waviness of the material. It is necessary to choose heavier weighted garment which is not wavy or ruched around the seams, edges and collar.

MOQ of 250 pcs per design.

Maximum print size is 100 x 80 cm, which is sufficient for all over printed t-shirts.

For more detailed and colourful all over printed designs (e.g. photos), we recommend our sublimation sublimation all over print.

If you have any questions we are more than happy to help