Water reactive print

Water reactive printing technology

"Water reactive printing" reacts to liquids. It is not visible when the textile is dry, the print appears only when the textile is wet (it can be water, sweat or any other liquid). Fluid-reactive inks repel liquids and moisten only unprinted fabric around the design.

Technology specifics:
•    The reactive ink is suitable for printing on 100% pure cotton fabrics, but it is also possible to print on modal or tencel.

Printer's tip: 
•    The best results are achieved on pastel colours and light heather textile shades.

MOQ of 50 pcs per design.

By "design" we mean all the printings on one piece of the garment (e.g. if the t-shirt has a heart print, a back print and a sleeve print, it is necessary to order at least 50 t-shirts with this particular specification).

Maximum print size is 40 x 53 cm.

Please read how to prepare your design for printing.