MERCHYOU is partying with the Flaam Festival!

MERCHYOU is a partner of the Slovak festival Flaam! Come and enjoy two days of packed concerts and a unique music atmosphere.

The Flaam Festival is a two-day summer festival in Slovakia, founded in 2014 by a group of festival enthusiasts. It is typical for its uniqueness, playfulness and originality. You can look forward to a friendly atmosphere at the Flaam Festival, also because it has a limited capacity of 1,200 visitors and a stage close to the audience. At Flaam, you will find not only great music, but also other arts such as theatre, film, design, food, good coffee and simply everything that is not boring. And MERCHYOU will not be missing as a partner and producer of festival merch!

Friday and Saturday 19 - 20 August 2022

Cultural and community center Hidepark Nitra, Slovakia

Take a sneak peek into our production, where we are printing sustainable merch for Flaam using deadstock textile! 💚

Every day is not Sunday, and not every confirmed order is fulfilled. And even if we are not happy about it, unused textile sometimes gets stuck in our warehouse. Thanks to Flaam, however, it will now find its use! This year, we will print unique merch for them using textile that otherwise would not find use. Thanks to Flaam for giving it a second chance!

Flaam takes place at Nitra's popular Hidepark, where volunteers have built an outdoor cultural and community center. You can look forward to performers like Sega Bodega (UK), HMLTD (UK), Sykur (IS), Saul (SK), FVLCRVM (SK), Poly Chain (UA) and many more!

Vegetarian and vegan food trucks will be waiting for you at the Flaam Festival. And since the festival is two days long, festival fans from afar will have the opportunity to spend the night in a tent city. 

Tickets and more information can be found at
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Let's Flaam!

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