Natural biodegradable textile now on offer!

The benefits of sustainable textile are indeed innumerable. One of them is the ability to maintain the natural cycle of material value. What does it mean? Disposal of organic textile does not burden the natural environment. It can also become an important resource for other crops and production of materials. 

The degree of sustainability of textile is not only determined by the method of growing the material, its subsequent processing or final treatment. An equally important factor is what happens to it after it is no longer used. Truly sustainable textile is very valuable in this final phase too. For example, it may primarily be used for other purposes or it may be recycled and then reused. At MERCHYOU, for example, we wash and repeatedly use all cleaning clothes, we use textile damaged during production for test printing. Once we can no longer use the textile, we hand it over to a company that uses it to produce insulating materials. Even though we can no longer use it in any way, it can still be a valuable resource. 

If the textile has been produced naturally and as gently as possible throughout its process, this residual value can become beneficial for the soil and its subsequent cultivation. This way it is possible to close the whole truly sustainable cycle, where almost no waste is generated. The material is simply always converted into another source. 

However, this constant cycle, which our planet offers us, is only possible with textile that is natural or nature-friendly in all their respects. Currently, however, 72% of all clothes that are thrown away are made of synthetic materials which can take up to 200 years to biodegrade (1). In addition, their chemical method of processing puts a significant strain on the soil. Truly natural and ecological textile is key to closing this cycle.  

What does such a textile look like? 

MERCHYOU is the exclusive official dealer of the Stanley/Stella brand in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Stanley/Stella manufactures and offers highly sustainable textile. Their products are GOTS certified, which is a certificate that monitors compliance with all environmental and ethical standards throughout the product processing process. In our catalogue, you can find "Natural Raw" textile from Stanley/Stella, the processing of which is so gentle that it disintegrates back into the earth naturally. You can also find the Natural Raw variant in the popular Creator T-shirt.  

Natural Raw Creator tee 

More about the Creator tee 

Stanley/Stella tested it out in October this year and buried their organic cotton T-shirt in the garden of one of their employees. Fifty days later, virtually nothing remained, except for the inside recycled polyester tag (2).

Source: Stanley/Stella (2) 

Natural Raw textile is not dyed, so it retains its beautifully clean and natural cream shades. Thanks to a very gentle production process, we can also observe small traces of cotton-plant and its seeds in the texture.  


Other Natural Raw products




* Products are also available in different colours.
* Currently unavailable styles in Natural Raw colour will be in stock at the beginning of the next year.

Truly sustainable textile does not harm our health, is environmentally friendly and made so that its value can be fully exploited. This material cycle is one of the basic goals of sustainability and may also be the inevitable path in our future. 

That is why we are proud to offer you sustainable textile variants, such as Natural Raw from Stanley/Stella. We believe that in this way we help changing the fashion industry, support a more responsible approach to resources and thus create a better future for us and our planet. Try Natural Raw products and join us! 💚

Perhaps only compostable textile would be better than the biodegradable one, but there is no such textile yet… 

…but what is impossible now, can always happen in the future… 😉

(2) Stanley/Stella

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