Get to know our biodegradable tag fasteners

Introducing our 100% biodegradable tag fasteners! Even this small element on your merch can make a big impact in larger numbers. The biodegradable alternative helps reduce single-use plastic waste, protects the environment and reduces the overall ecological footprint of textile production.

We strive to make all processes in our production as environmentally and human health friendly as possible. We also care about small influences that can have big impacts in the long run.

One such detail that you can find on your product is the element that fastens the tag to the textile, the so-called splint. The majority of garments produced globally have single-use plastic fasteners hanging from them, which accounts for billions of tiny plastics each year that can end up in the nature or the oceans.

At MERCHYOU, we use 100% biodegradable splints in every order containing tags, the first innovation of its kind in the world. They help reduce the amount of single-use plastics that could otherwise end up in the environment. This detail also makes the ecological footprint of your merch with a tag a bit smaller.

These unique fasteners are made from a patented blend of polypropylene material specifically designed to biodegrade in less than a year after contact with soil. The decomposition process is aided by four natural decomposition agents - light, air, moisture and soil bacteria, without leaving behind any harmful substances. The technology used does not leave behind any harmful substances or microplastics. Only carbon dioxide, water and microbes (biomass) are left in the soil.

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