GOTS: Say no to greenwashing!

Say YES to responsibly produced certified textile and be sure you are protecting your health and the planet. Find out why to choose sustainable GOTS products and printing and what to look out for when choosing them. Our new video will explain everything too!

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Partners’ talk: Běhejme a pomáhejme útulkům

'Běhejme a pomáhejme útulkům' (Let's run and help shelters) is a Czech non-profit organization that helps abandoned or abused animals through charity running events. We talked to the founder Petr Sokolík about how the organization was founded, what they are currently doing and what events they are planning, where they get inspiration for their merch designs and how satisfied they are with our cooperation.

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Partners’ talk: Kristína Tormová

Kristína Tormová is a Slovak actress, presenter, writer and, last but not least, a successful businesswoman. We adore her funny t-shirt designs, and we also proudly produce those belonging to the sustainable GOTS collection! We talked to Kristína about her journey of founding her own brand, her plans for the future and how she is (un)satisfied with us!

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