Conventional vs organic cotton

The trend towards eco-friendly and sustainable fashion continues to grow, which is great news. Cotton plays an important role in this development. Every year, more than half of the produced clothing is made from cotton. But what is the difference between conventional and organic cotton?

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Partners' talk - Jean Chabert, founder and CEO STANLEY/STELLA

Jean Chabert, CEO of the STANLEY/STELLA brand, recently visited us! STANLEY/STELLA is one of the leading brands in the field of sustainable textiles with which MERCHOU has been cooperating for more than a decade. Read the interview with Jean and watch the video to learn more about our mutual journey.


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Merry Christmas from MERCHYOU!

On behalf of the entire MERCHYOU team, we thank you for your trust and orders in the past year. We wish you to spend the Christmas holidays in peace with your loved ones and we hope you enter the new year healthy and happy. 🎄

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Kompostujme campaign

We work with the Slovak organisation Kompostujme, which spreads the vision of responsible bio-waste management. Find out what sustainable biodegradable merch we are about to print for their campaign!

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MERCHYOU partner of ANBF

We are a proud partner of the Austrian Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness Championship. Check out the merch we made for the event!

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