Giving Tuesday 2020

Homeless women are more vulnerable than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic. And that's why this year at MERCHYOU, we are donating to the Czech organization Homelike, o.p.s. that helps homeless women to cope with this crisis. Protect homeless women with us and contribute too!

On Tuesday, December 1, we celebrate this year's Giving Tuesday - a global generosity movement always celebrated on the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving. Celebrate it with us today! In this time full of uncertainties, there is one truth that gives us hope - together we are able to achieve incredible things.

You can dedicate your time, expertise, money, food, dry goods, clothing, or just make someone happy. Everyone has something to give and every act of generosity counts! 💚

This year at MERCHYOU, we are donating to the Czech organization Jako doma - Homelike, o.p.s. that helps homeless women who are more vulnerable than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic. They lost their jobs, some hostels and dormitories are closed, they do not have sufficient hygienic conditions to protect them from infection. They lack information, social contacts. They often have chronic health problems caused by living without a home. That is why we at MERCHYOU have decided to help homeless women cope with this time of crisis. Protect homeless women and the organization that supports them with us, and contribute too!
Thank you for any contribution! 💚

👉 You can donate to the cause at (unfortunately, the website is in Czech only, if you wish to donate we recommend using Google Translate to translate the buttons! Or you can consider donating to your local organisation supporting homeless women or any other cause you'd like).

Join us on Giving Tuesday and let's change the world for the better together! 💚
👉 You can find further inspiration where to help at

🇨🇿 In the Czech Republic, the project is backed by the Association of Social Responsibility that we are a proud member of.

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