Colour trends for summer '24!

Explore this summer's colours, get inspired by our product selection and create merch that is trendy, sustainable, and of high quality!

With the arrival of first warm days comes the desire to "freshen up" your wardrobe. This year's summer colour palette is very playful, subdued, but at the same time bold and harmonious. It contains colours that won't just be a one-season affair, but in the right combinations will be on trend for years to come, so don't be afraid to reach for pieces in these shades. Our catalogue offers a lot of them and in this article, we have selected the best ones for you!


We start with a colour that you are probably already familiar with. PEACH FUZZ is the Pantone Colour of the Year 2024, a soft and warm peach shade that evokes a feeling of freshness. Peach Fuzz is a versatile colour that combines beautifully with both neutral and vibrant colours, adding a subtle yet fresh touch to an outfit.

Search our catalogue for the colours  PEACH, FRAICHE PECHE, APRICOT.

PASTEL LILAC is a soft, light shade of purple that is reminiscent of blooming lavender. This colour evokes a feeling of serenity and tenderness. It is used to achieve a romantic and soothing look. Pastel Lilac combines beautifully with neutral colours such as white and grey, as well as other pastel shades, to give a light and refreshing touch to an outfit.

Search our catalogue for the colours LAVENDER, PURPLE WASHED, DUSTY PURPLE.

LEMON DROP is a bright, fresh shade of yellow, reminiscent of lemon. This shade adds vitality to summer outfits and definitely catches the eye. Lemon Drop is great to wear with neutrals like white or beige, but also with other bright colours like turquoise, purple or olive.

Search our catalogue for the colours LEMON YELLOW, DUSTY YELLOW, FROZEN YELLOW.

CRYSTAL BLUE is a soft shade of blue that resembles a clear sky without a cloud. It evokes a feeling of freshness, calmness and is the perfect choice for summer days. It combines beautifully with white, sand or pink or various pastel shades.

Search our catalogue for the colours SKY BLUE, BABY BLUE, LIGHT BLUE.

WATERCRESS is a darker, fresh shade of green that delivers an elegant and nature-inspired look. At first glance, it may appear to be more of a shade perfect for fall or winter. But in the right combination, for example with lighter shades such as white, beige and brown, you can create a beautiful summer look.

Search our catalogue for the colours KHAKI, ARMY BLUE, MILITARY BLUE.

BARBADOS CHERRY is a bold and intense shade of red that is reminiscent of ripe cherries. This colour evokes a feeling of energy and passion. It definitely catches the eye, it catches the eye at first sight and that's why it can be a great choice for merch! It is best combined with neutral colours such as black, white or grey, but don't be afraid of bolder combinations such as navy blue or gold.

Search our catalogue for the colours RED, CHERRY RED, ANTIQUE CHERRY RED.

The shade BRILLIANT WHITE will delight lovers of the classics. White outfits are the perfect choice for summer and look great on tanned skin. Pieces in this colour are very versatile and can be combined with virtually any colour. If you already opt for such "colour simplicity", you can play around with the cut or create an interesting combination.

Search our catalogue for the colours WHITE, ARCTIC WHITE, SOLID WHITE.



PEACH FUZZ is perfect for t-shirts, tank tops and lightweight sweatshirts because of its softness.

PASTEL LILAC is great for accessories, but is equally suitable for t-shirts or dresses.

LEMON DROP is ideal for accessories like bags and hats to add energy to an outfit.

CRYSTAL BLUE is perfect for summer outfits like t-shirts and polo shirts, evoking calm and freshness.

WATERCRESS is suitable for trousers and lightweight sweatshirts, such pieces will achieve sophistication within the merch.

BARBADOS CHERRY is ideal for bold pieces like t-shirts and sweatshirts that will catch the eye.

BRILLIANT WHITE is versatile and suitable for basic pieces like t-shirts and sweatshirts. It makes an ideal base for a variety of designs and prints.






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