People of MERCHYOU: Mária

Take a closer look at the stories, opinions and valuable advice of the MERCHYOU team. Meet Mária, our traffic manager. In the interview, Mária reveals what brings her joy at work and what is important for our successful cooperation.

As a traffic manager, Mária is constantly in touch with our sales, back office and production teams. She provides redistribution of queries and onboarding of new colleagues. She likes the variety of her job and its dynamics and never feels bored! Mária loves cooking and spending time with her family and friends. She is happy when she has a chance to read a good book or see a show in a theatre.

How did you become a traffic manager at MERCHYOU?

I have shown interest in this position. As an account manager, I learned that the company was looking for someone like that, so I applied and was selected for this role.

What makes you happy at work?

Feedback. Basically, any feedback and from any side. I like it when things happen. 😊 When working with people, it never happens that everything goes smoothly and without problems. At the same time, however, in such situations one learns a lot not only about the work they do, but also about themselves. This gives me the opportunity to improve myself (and without botox 😊).

What is the most unusual thing that ever happened at work?

Nothing we could use in this interview... 😊

What does your normal working day look like?

If we looked back to the time before the pandemic, my normal day would probably be best described by "running up the stairs," as my position connects the office with production and we have the office on the 1st floor. But now the part of my work that caused the running has been taken over by colleagues from the ground floor, and I have more administration work, which I can do from home. So, my normal working day is made up of working on a laptop and answering calls since I am in contact with colleagues and with clients who contact our company.

What is your superpower at work that you use every day?

Ohhhh, I wish I could have one...

What would you recommend to customers for our successful cooperation?

We are always very happy to advise clients based on our experience. However, it is better if clients already have an idea of what they would like to produce with us. For example, if they want to start their own fashion brand, it is a good idea to think in advance about what will be part of the collection - whether T-shirts, sweatpants, caps, or bags. There is a lot of information and tips available on our website. A meeting in our showroom will be much more beneficial for clients if we talk about their more specific ideas.

We are pleased that our clients have an understanding, can plan their orders in time, and thus also work with our delivery dates. Unfortunately, as a large-scale production company, we are not always able to solve requirements and deliver orders at short notice. We are sorry when we have to reject an order with a very short deadline, but it is a fair answer in a given situation rather than promise something we could not do.

Is there something our customers have recently done that made you happy?

I am pleased when clients return. Even when they might not have had a top-notch experience with us, which can be understandable during the production process, they still go on with us. They have confidence in the company and have built a relationship with "their" account manager. And this is the best praise for all of us.

Do you have any concluding thoughts? Is there anything you would like to pass on to our readers and customers?

We are experiencing a very unusual time that tests not only our abilities but also our humanity. I would like to praise and especially thank all the colleagues in our production, who even during the worst pandemic situation went to work daily so that we could deliver orders to our clients on time. And I would also like to thank our clients very much for such orders coming to us around the clock, despite all the circumstances.

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