GOTS report 2022

We again bring you a selection of news and interesting facts from the GOTS Annual Report 2022. For example, you will find out which countries have the largest number of GOTS-certified entities, which projects GOTS worked on in 2022 and much more.

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(Un)sustainability of the fashion industry

In this article you will learn why the transition to sustainability in the fashion industry is important, what are the lesser-known challenges in supply chains and what is the importance of building a better and more responsible fashion industry for the future.

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GOTS version 7.0

Sustainability standards need to be continually pushed and adapted to changing production demands and scientific knowledge. The GOTS certificate has again moved up to level 7.0. Find out what are the basic criteria of this most stringent textile certification and what requirements the new version brings.

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Highlights from the Stanley/Stella Sustainability Report

We've put together a round-up of highlights from the Stanley/Stella Sustainability Report '22. Find out what they're doing to make sure that Stanley/Stella textile production is truly environmentally friendly, ethical to workers and the products are safe for the health of your customers or employees.

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GOTS celebrates 20th anniversary!

GOTS certification celebrates 20 years since its inception and at the same time reaches a record number of certified facilities and textile manufacturers. Find out which countries recorded the highest growth.

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