Standard Face Mask

Standard Face Mask
SKU#: 403628
Producer code: MY-SFM
Gender: Unisex
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Black - Col900
Dark Green - Col015
Light Green Col005
Pink - Col007
White - Col001
20x10 cm

Actual product colours may vary from colours shown on your monitor. To verify that the selected textile meets your expectations about its nature, cut and colour, we recommend ordering a sample. MERCHYOU is not responsible for the colour variations of the textile caused by the manufacturer due to the delivery of another batch of textile.

• standard face mask available as blank
• includes a filter pocket (disposable filter not provided with a face mask)
• maximum print size: 8,5 cm width x 3 cm height
• face mask dimensions: 20 cm height x 10 cm height (when folded)
• classic cotton ties (same colour as the face mask itself)
• delivery time: approx 5 weekdays, depends on the overall quantity and the design chosen
• delivery time of black face masks: approx. 2-3 weekdays in a quantity up to amount of 15 000 pcs
• classic cotton ties (same colour as the face mask itself)
• with a "stopper" (+ 0,50 EUR, VAT excl. / pp)

• štandardné rúško - potláčatelné
• do rúška je možné vložiť filter (nie je súčasťou nami dodaného rúška)
• max. rozmery sieťotlače: šírka 8,5 cm x výška 3 cm
• rozmer samotného rúška: šírka 20 cm x výška 10 cm (zložené)
• viazanie rúška na šnúrku vo farbe rúška
• doba dodania: cca 5 pracovných dní, v závislosti od objednaného počtu a designu
• doba dodania čistého rúška: cca 2-3 pracovné dni v množstve až 15000 ks
• klasické na šnúrku vo farbe rúška
• s "brzdičkou" (+ 0,50 EUR bez DPH / ks)
Gender: Unisex
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