Why to choose organic cotton

Cotton is a natural soft fiber growing on cotton plant and it is one of the most widely used materials in the fashion industry. A huge disadvantage of cotton is its demanding cultivation. Organic cotton is grown and processed by purely natural methods and when compared to conventional one, it is much more friendly to ecosystems and human health.

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How to create and start your own fashion brand?

Are you thinking of starting your own fashion brand? Or have you already decided and now you are looking for the right solutions? MERCHYOU provides an easy way for you by supplying quality textiles, applying your own design and fulfilling your ideas.

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Fight COVID-19 with a face mask!

A face mask has suddenly become a mandatory item in our wardrobe. Face masks help to prevent spreading of the coronavirus and protect people around us. Cheer your customers and fans with a new item on your e-shop, or gift them to your business partners or employees!

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What do textile certificates guarantee?

There are many textile certificates and each one of them guarantees something different. Experienced professionals in the field of sustainable fashion can also have a problem to navigate. Which one is the best?

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