Tips for sustainable caps '23

Here are tips for sustainable caps and summer hats for your merch collection or summer gear. Decorate your caps with the print or embroidery of your choice!

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(Un)sustainability of the fashion industry

In this article you will learn why the transition to sustainability in the fashion industry is important, what are the lesser-known challenges in supply chains and what is the importance of building a better and more responsible fashion industry for the future.

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Get to know our biodegradable tag fasteners

Introducing our 100% biodegradable tag fasteners! Even this small element on your merch can make a big impact in larger numbers. The biodegradable alternative helps reduce single-use plastic waste, protects the environment and reduces the overall ecological footprint of textile production.

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Tips for summer sustainable textile

We've looked through our catalogue for you and picked out tips for sustainable tops, dresses, shorts and other lightweight textile that is perfect for sunny days. Complete your summer collection or outfit your employees for summer team building!

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Partners’ talk: Automat

Automat is the association that organizes the Czech challenge To work by bike (Do práce na kole). Join us this year and try to move as much as you can without a motor for one month! We talked to the organisers of the challenge about how the idea to organise the event came about, what they enjoy about their work, what other meaningful activities they organise and how they like the merch from us.

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GOTS version 7.0

Sustainability standards need to be continually pushed and adapted to changing production demands and scientific knowledge. The GOTS certificate has again moved up to level 7.0. Find out what are the basic criteria of this most stringent textile certification and what requirements the new version brings.

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