GOTS report 2020

As every year, the annual GOTS report was issued this year. We put together highlights and news that last year brought. Find out which regions have seen the highest growth in GOTS-certified companies and more.

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How to take care of your clothes

In order for clothes with printing (or without printing) to last long, retain their qualities and for us to feel good in it, it is important to pay some attention to them. Let’s remember how to take proper care of printed textile, and also of what not to forget and what to avoid.

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Take a closer look at the stories, opinions and valuable advice of the MERCHYOU team. Meet Robo, the head of our production, who takes care of the process of materialising each order exactly according to your ideas. In the interview, Robo reveals which printing technology he prefers the most, and brings invaluable production tips just for you!

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Results of a wastewater analysis

Maximum care and friendliness of our production towards the environment and human health is an important part of everyday operation and decision-making for us at MERCHYOU. One of the valuable resources that we strive to take care of responsibly is water, which passes through our production. See how the analysis of wastewater from our production turned out.

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