Join us for Fashion Revolution!

From the very beginning, MERCHYOU has been producing merchandise ecologically and ethically, with respect for people and our planet. That's why every year we take part in the Fashion Revolution Week. Join us and learn who makes your merch at MERCHYOU!

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Hybrid printing

The demands on the colourfulness of textile prints are constantly increasing. The latest technologies take this into account and introduce new printing methods that ensure the best possible result.
And that is exactly what hybrid printing is: the future of multi-colour high-volume textile printing!

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GOTS version 6.0

There is always room for improvement in the area of ​​sustainability. And that's why GOTS, one of the most important certifications in the field of sustainable textiles, has recently moved to level 6.0. The new version includes tightening of existing requirements as well as adding completely new requirements for ecological and ethical aspects of textile production. In the article, we will introduce primary GOTS criteria and what new additions has come along with the new version.

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Are you familiar with the textile manufacturing processes? Part 2: RECYCLED POLYESTER

In the second part of this series of articles about the origin of textile materials, we will focus on recycled polyester. Polyester as a synthetic fibre began to be a widely used material in the last century. Although it has certain advantages over natural materials, it also has many disadvantages, especially in terms of sustainability. There are many clothes made of polyester fibres today, and the possibility of their recycling and reuse is an important part of the change in the textile industry.

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Our sustainable production

At MERCHYOU, we care about our planet, the environment and people's health and we are aware of the impact the textile production can have. We continually strive to improve our production processes and be as environmentally friendly as possible. Find out what sustainable steps we take to do so.

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